What to Do if Your Car Has Hail Damage

3 Steps to follow

What to Do if Your Car Has Hail Damage

The hail damage process is fine tuned in the way that the professional Auto Body industry is familiar with the protocols and requirements that need to be met by the Insurance Companies. Going to professional certified Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ) Technician. So what are the right steps for making sure that your hail damage claim gets processed properly? We put together how to handle your insurance claim and what to do if your car has hail damage.

Step 1: Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact and file a claim with the insurance company who will be arranging to do a car inspection. Making arrangements for a hail damage request to take place in doors is the best way to get all the minor dings accounted for. If the adjustor ask whether you plan on getting you vehicle repaired-if you own the title you have the right to keep your claim settlement, but we advise to not tell the adjustor this as the estimate may be written lightly due to cashing out scenarios.

Step 2: Choose the Best Method

Statistics show that 50%-70% of hail damage claims are never repaired; therefore, insurance companies take this knowledge to their advantage. The reason for this is because it saves insurance companies having to pay the actual cost of the damage, which in return saves them millions over a year span. Your estimator will write an estimate one of two ways-Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) OR traditional body shop method which requires straitening, filling, and body panel’s being repainted. Having a skilled technician gently massage the dents out of the body panel requires no painting which can save you time, and money. If you choose to go with a body shop your payout for the damage may be at its max or you may end up paying more than you anticipated.

It’s suggested that the PDR method is best for keeping your original factory finish, and PDR repairs generally only take 102 days to complete vs. the traditional body shop method ( 2-4 weeks).

Step 3: Find a Reliable PDR Technical 

Find a reliable PDR technician who has years experience in the trade and is familiar with insurance protocols. If you have questions about the process your technician should be knowledgeable, credible, and provide you with the proper documentation for filing your claim.


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